Sunday, May 6, 2012

Book Of Splotch Monsters

I started a new journal. It's not going to be a typical art journal. I am going to fill it up with splotch monsters. As I mentioned in previous posts I get the inspiration for splotch monsters from Steve's A Splotch Monster a Day blog. They are so fun to make that I decided to dedicate a whole book to them.

The book is a sketchbook with 300g watercolor paper pages. It comes with a convenient hole in the front cover, so I used that to make a simple title for the book.

I ended up with a lot of blank space on the first page, so I added some monsters to it.

What I love about splotch monsters is that I never quite know what I'll get as a final result. It's exciting, like a little adventure with each monster.

Here are the closeups of those I ended up with this time:

Making this book is going to be a super fun exercise.

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  1. Splotch Monsters are awesome! Very inspired! They look like children's book illustrations! I'm impressed!