Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Upcycled Art Supplies Holder

This is my new art supplies holder. As you can see it's very amateurish and that's because I made it from scratch using my own design. I used scrap fabric from an old pair of jeans and scrap sturdy cardboard from an old calendar. Each side including the bottom is made of two pieces of fabric and has a matching piece of cardboard sewn inside, between the fabric, to make it strong and stand upright. The container has 3 compartments. I made the dividers from the same denim as the sides and also used 2 pieces of fabric for each of the 2 dividers. I didn't put cardboard inside the dividers, so they are flexible and can make each compartment smaller or bigger depending on how much stuff you put inside. I did some sewing with my sewing machine, but did the most of it by hand.

The end result is super practical and holds all my pens and watercolor pencils, plus some glue, rulers, erasers, torillons, pencil sharpeners and more.

I painted the outside of the box with fabric paints. I am totally inexperienced with that and had difficulty with precision. It didn't turn out as I hoped and planned it would. I think it would be so much better if I worked with some sort of markers and such, but the paint I used required a brush. I guess I could paint over it and start over, but I am not really into it right now, I can always do that later. I'll call this good enough and be happy with it for now. What I care about the most is functionality and that is where this supplies holder really shines.

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  1. I like it and I think you should leave it as it is ,first mistakes are so helpful and it's good to have them present .I find that for projects like this one, shoe boxes work best cause the cardboard is much sturdier - give them a try :) .