Monday, March 19, 2012


OK, I just accidentally hit publish on an unfinished post about Diva's Challenge. Ugh. OK, doesn't matter here we go again.

This week the challenge is to use tangle called fengle. It looked like a fun one, so I gave it a shot. Soon it stopped being fun. Lets just say that it didn't go the way I hoped it would. I made numerous versions and it always looked crowded and kind of meshed up without real contrast anywhere. I must have drawn at least thirty of those and nothing. Making zentangles and zentangle inspired creations should be relaxing, but for me it turned frustrating. At that point I decided to give it just one single last shot. Something super simple. Do it and be done with it. This is what I got:

You can just see by it that I ran out of patience. One thing I can tell you right now is - I won't be trying fengle again. Plenty of other fun tangles to play with. I don't need to go back to that one.

Speaking of tangles to play with, here's what I got in the mail today:

Totally Tangled by Sandi Steen Bartholomew

Yaaaay! I am super excited. I leafed through the book and already can see that I am going to have so much fun with it. I'll tell you more after I give it a more detailed look and start trying out stuff that's in it.

Along with Totally Tangled two other art related books arrived, but I'll write about those in another post.


  1. It turns fengle into a lovely flower! Wonderful!

  2. It turns fengle into a lovely flower! Wonderful!

  3. I like your fengle - with the broad "petals" it looks great! Fengle is a very versatile tangle, and I think yours is wonderful. It's nice to see a new interpretation!

  4. Oh I hope you try again, you have created a beaut bloom!

  5. Shelly, after seeing all the other amazing entries to the challenge, I do want to try again. One can do so much with it. It's a shame the fengle and I had such a rocky beginning. It does deserve a second chance.

  6. Hope you indeed give it that second chance, it's so gorgeous. And your start isn't even all that bad!

  7. I just got that book's awesome! Love your tangle!!