Saturday, March 10, 2012

An Introduction

I used to draw and paint a lot. I used to trade atcs and postcards and loved exchanging art with wonderful artists from around the world. Then life got in the way. I neglected creating art while I handled first a new career and then health problems. Years have passed and I am happy to report that all is well both with my career and health. Finally, I am ready and eager to create once again.

Back in the day I had a blog where I displayed my art. It was a nice little blog, but I decided not to go back to it. I'll start fresh. This will not be only about my adventures in creating art, but also about my craft projects, travels, interests and whatever else is going on in my world.

This whole comeback was initiated by my recent numerous visits to various museums and escalated after I got back in touch with my dear friend Danny and hearing his encouraging words about my artistic abilities. Unlike me, he thinks I am talented. It's incredible how just a few kind words can make a huge difference.

I picked up a pen and after one very unsuccessful abstract doodle which shall not be shown here (or anywhere else) I doodled another picture. This one:

Except the nose, which I very much dislike and didn't know how to fix, I was quite happy with the result. So that made me want to go on and make something else.

Next stop a nude. Those were among of my favorites to create. I decided to go simple. This is the result:

Finally, I tested myself with a portrait. Black and white again. Here's how it turned out:

Both the above black and whites were done with a watercolor pencil, again one of my favorite mediums.

That was that, I am hooked again. This will be my place to share my creations and experiences. You are invited to follow my journey. Welcome!

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  1. How wonderful see your talent being shared with the rest of us once again!!! Welcome back to the world of art, my friend!!!