Thursday, April 19, 2012

Book Of Tangles

With all the tangles I've been seeing lately, they are starting to get all jumbled up in my head. I need a way to document them for easy reference. I do love Tangle Patterns website, but it's not very practical while I am creating. Plus, just looking at patterns does not make me remember them. 

My solution was to create my own book of tangles. I started with a blank journal and will add tangle instructions as I come across them. So far I only have a few pages done, but I already love how it's turning out. Here's an example of a two page spread:

I draw the instructions first and then add an example or two with variations if there are any. The best thing about it, besides ending up with a nice book of tangles is that it's great practice. By the time I am finished with a tangle, I've already drawn it several times. It really helps to learn and remember various tangles.

What tactics do you use to learn and remember tangles?


  1. i was struggling with this idea, too. how to organize - and remember. i put mine on 3x5 index cards and filed them alphabetically. this way my daughter has access to them at the same time. we could do the same thing with a book, but i think the cards work better for us here at home. i'd like a book on the road, though, so i might borrow your idea as well :)

  2. i started my book last night. i think i got 11 patterns listed/drawn. thanks for the great idea!

  3. That is absolutely brilliant idea!!! I did use Tangle Patterns website and got some tangles in my notebook but only finished work, not step by step. So your idea is best ever I have seen. I was thinking of buying journal book but put off because not knowing what to put in or afraid to spoil the journal book in half way. So I might buy one soon. Thank you for sharing your idea and inspiration. Hugs from A x

  4. Sue, the more I work on it, the more I like the idea of it.

    Alice, the index card idea is excellent. I might start doing that, too. So cool that you started your own book of tangles, too. We're gonna be masters of patterns in no time.

    Hey A, I am a bit scared of making journals, too, and for the same reasons as you. One great tip I read in Drawing Lab was to use spiral bound journals, so you can never ruin the whole book, just one page that you can tear out of it. It really does take away the pressure.