Friday, April 20, 2012

Diva's Challenge #4

Back to catching up with the old Diva's Challenges.

Challenge #4 - Starry Eyed Surprised

Once again I turned to Totally Tangled for tangle inspiration. I started with one big star and turned it into some sort of a marine creature with tentacles with Fyre (page 30). I was thinking that what I got did not look much like a star, so I added some smaller stars to the inside of the big one. They didn't look like stars either. I tried to fix it, making it even more complicated to see the stars within the multiple lines. I gave up on that, added tangles  inside the big star and then went for for very recognizable and simple stars. I turned them into a frame by adding some simple ropes and Nowell columns (page 39 of Totally Tangled). I am a fan of astronomy, so at the end I just had to add some dots to represent the many stars of the Universe. Finally, I added shading and I was done.

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  1. It has an organic, reptilian feel to it. I really like it!