Friday, April 13, 2012

MUMOK - A Photo Tour

MUMOK - Museum of Modern Art Vienna, Austria. How I saw it.

Robert Rauschenberg - art beyond my comprehension:

David Hockney - a self portrait:

Andy Warhol - my favorite of his several pieces in the exhibition:

Martial Raysse - adorned with plastic flowers and badly colored collages. Not my cup of tea.

Roy Lichtenstein - Impressive - loved it:

Just some sponge art. I don't get it:

Giant blue spider loves art: 

Domenico Gnoli - detail from the painting you can see above. Amazing skill and patience.


  1. I have to agree with you. It makes you wonder just what the curators are looking for - I'm thinking of that sponge collection :) I went to the Perth Art Gallery and they had three squares of carpet fixed to the wall in a boring green colour. I sometimes think the 'artists' are taking the piss (excuse my French).

  2. What a wonderful tour! Thank you so much for sharing - and yes me too! What's up with the sponges and spiders?! Loved the rest, thank you for for the inspiration and for becoming a follower! Kristin