Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Walk Through Leopold Museum

Here are some pictures I took in the Leopold Museum. The quality of the images is not that great, but since use of flash was not allowed that was the best I could get.

That's a photo of Schiele on the left and one of his paintings on the right.

 The nude in the center is an self portrait of Richard Gerstl painted just days before he committed suicide. He was very young and heart broken. so Tragic. His art is beautiful in my opinion.

Schiele - Mother and Child.

Schiele Houses 

Schiele - Portrait of  Eduard Kosmack

Schiele's nudes and dolls that inspired his art.

Series of photographs inspired by Schiele's art.

Art by Elke Krystufek. This was the first time I heard of this artist. I think she is really good. I love her colors.

By the way, Leopold museum does not show only Schiele's and Schiele inspired art. It's just my personal preference to photograph and show you primarily work that has something to do with this wonderful artist.

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